Love's Such an Old Fashioned Word
"I think I like movies more than people. I think I like music more than people as well."
- Me
Anonymous asked:
If you didn't watch bb14, Wil Hueser is from that season.

Oh I know. It was just hilarious. Forgot about him.

The second you use the word “faggot” or “retarded” or any forms of those words, I am done with you. Irrelevant. 

BB16Saga is giving me life right now like what…?

I tried to hold onto Frankie. I tried to keep on liking my fellow gay. No. You’re pretty much gone to me…

This Victoria/Cody convo in bee hive is worthless. Feeds are dead right now.

Zach, you are the only one making sense and making moves tonight. Don’t take anything back. 

Anonymous asked:
I think everyone in the house hates amber bc everyone spreads rumor that she talks shit when really she's the only one who hasn't.

Yeah… Honestly, I feel as if everyone is just jealous of her gorgeous self but being in the house would probably change a lot.

Nobody is listening to Zach and his reasoning for Caleb going home over Brittany. Please listen to him… This would be the strongest game move yet.

Zach is slaying right now… 

Everybody in the house hates Amber… I don’t know how to feel about this. I like her from what I see in the feeds and on the show but maybe theirs something I’m missing and she totally is an awful person but I will reserve that judgement. 

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As much as I love Donny, If I was in the house, I would discreetly try to backdoor him later. He’s playing an amazing game and he’s my fav to win but he would need to go if I was in the house. He will win it all if he gets to final 3. 

Zach was in college as a full time student, worked 3 jobs at once, and volunteered for a multitude of things. People call him lazy?